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    Default How long does movement with Inman Aligner and arch expander take


    I've had my IA+ arch extender for a week now and I'm getting a bit skeptical about it. So, here are some questions that I think others may be pondering on too so I hope the answers someone will (hopefully) post to my questions will be helpful also to others. Here we go:

    1. How long does it normally take to see movement?

    2. Is it normal that I can't feel the IA anymore? It's hard for me to believe it's working since I can't even feel the pressure.

    3. Is it normal that I can easily move the IA with my tongue? I have composite "stoppers" to keep in place, but the way it sits against my molars makes it somewhat unstable. I've tried to "fix" it by moving so that I feel the most pressure (tho never much) on my teeth, is that ok?

    4. Can constant taking the IA off and putting it back in loosen the springs and thus make it work less efficiently? Because of my work I may need to pop it out several times a day and I'm afraid that's what might be making it loose.

    Thank you for your answers!

    - L

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    Hi there

    1)It normally takes a couple of weeks for your teeth to start moving at least. Often they have moved but because you are looking at them everyday, its not always that obvious.

    2) yes, this is normal. Initially the pressure seems high, but once the ligament around your tooth starts to widen, its far less obvious. Don't worry, your teeth will still be moving.

    3)No it sounds like the clasps should be tightened. this can wait until your next appt. but do ask your dentist

    4) No, you will not loosen the springs. Obviously the more you wear it the quicker it will go, but the springs have an infinite memory so they should be fine
    Many people take their aligners in and out all day.- this is ok- its not a prison sentence!! As long as you make up about 16 hours a day you are doing well.

    Kind regards
    Dr. Tif Qureshi.BDS

    UK Pioneer of the Inman Aligner.


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