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    Default Very unhappy with my Inman Aligner treatment in Scotland

    I began my aligner treatment 5 and a half months ago in April. Despite wearing the IA for 11 weeks and having been fitted with numerous clear aligners (7 at this stage) - my teeth are still not straight. At the beginning my dentist told me it should take 10-14 weeks. Although the length of time it is taking is a problem my main concern is that my dentist seems to have filed my teeth somewhat haphazardly and the teeth on the each side of my mouth are now different shapes and sizes than the opposite side. I am concerned that as i need more clear aligners he will have to file my teeth more and as i am so unhappy with how they look at present I am wary about letting him file anymore.
    I really wish I had not had this treatment, at least with this particular dentist. When I ask him questions he fobs me off with some rambling and treats me as if i am being a nuisance - I'm not, I have actually been very patient but now I am seriously fed up and feel like just giving up on the treatment altogether. Is there anything I can do or someone I can contact who can advise me what to do or how to handle my case or is there any type of compensation I can seek? Any advice would be much appreciated. PS I am having my treatment in Scotland.

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    Sorry to read of your problems - I really feel the treatment I have received from my dentist has been absolutely first class. I have had an upper aligner now for 6 weeks. I must confess for the first 3 weeks I was absolutely distraught - hiding away, looking in the mirror every couple of hours. Then over the last 3 weeks I am thrilled to see a huge difference in the massive gap I had between my front teeth, and really feel the relatively quick result advertised for the Inman Aligner is correct. There has been considerable movement over just a few weeks of wearing. I hope you get some satisfaction, go back to your dentist and dont be fobbed off. It is costing enough, you should be satisfied with the results. Keep us informed!

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    hello S19

    I am sending you a message to see if I can help you out.
    Dr. Tif Qureshi.BDS

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