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    Default Inman aligner will it affect my speech?

    This site is very good and provided me with alot of information.

    Today I went for an consultation for the inman aligner. I need two inman aligners for both top and bottom.

    I was told that I would have to get the fitted one as a time over a period of 7 months.

    The first either top, for 3.5 months and the other for the rest.

    Is this normal?

    The dentist then recommended me to go for the six months smile braces.

    My main concern from reading this forum, is that inman aligner affects speech for the first week at least. As I am in a customer facing job and requires me to speak alot, I am more interested in the inman aligner due to the small amount of time to fit.

    The dentist discouraged me to use inman aligner as this would be longer.

    Just for your information, my upper teeth - the two lateral incisors are poking out slightly and angled.

    The bottom left lateral incisor is sticking in.

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    yes most inman aligner cases should take around 10- 12 weeks to complete. It is too uncomfortable to wear two inman aligners in one go, so if you need both arches corrected then it can take longer and it might be worth considering fixed braces.- and it might be cheaper in some practices to do so.

    You do not need to wear your inman aligner 24 hours a day though. Many of my patients faced the same issue and simply removed it when they needed to speak and replaced it when they had some quiet time. Even 16 hours a day will often be enough.
    18-20 is the optimal amount of time and you should not actually wear it any longer.

    Im not quite following you on what you mean by the small amount of time to fit- do you mean the actual time it takes to fit the aligner and give you the instructions?
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    Hi, I also need upper and lower aligners. Have had the upper now for 5 weeks - please be aware that your speech WILL be affected. I wasnt made fully aware of this, just told that it would be for a week or two. You do have a noticeable lisp (which was devastating to me at the start) but it is well worth it, as the movement in my front teeth has been really noticeable for such a short period of time. Cannot recommend it highly enough, keep on with the treatment if you have started. There are a lot worse things you could be suffering than a slight lisp, just think of those fab smiles when you are finished!! Thats what Im concentrating on. I also work in a customer facing job. Come back to me if you need some more re-assurance, or a chat!

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