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    Post inman aligner pricing for crowded teeth

    I am considering the Inman aligner. I have had crowded teeth my whole life and cannot afford braces or invisaline. I was wondering how much the Inman aligner costs and does it actually work?

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    I paid 1,300 for my upper teeth so would have been double if I needed the bottom done as well. You'd need to see a dentist to see if you were suitable but it certainly worked for me. You do need to make sure you wear it for about 16 hours plus a day which is harder than it sounds. Speaking is also a problem. Hope that helps.

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    The price of the Inman Aligner really does depend on several factors and if you have excessive crowding the Inman Aligner may not be a suitable option your best bet is to have a consultation with a dentist that offers the Inman Aligner to get an indication of suitability and costs.

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