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    Default Does an Inman require good molars?


    I heard about the Inman Aligner on the TV show 10 Years Younger and was encouraged that there might be a way to straighten my four front top teeth. I was a thumb-sucker as a child so I have mildly buck teeth and one of the front teeth slightly overlaps the other.

    Before I go and spend 150 on a consultation, I'd like to ask how dependent the Inman is on having strong molars. On my left side, my first molar is good but my second molar was extracted many years ago so there's a gap there. On my right side, my first molar is currently being worked on by my local dentist (root canal work) and it will need rebuilding or possibly replaced with a crown. My second molar on that side is good, though.

    If the Inman needs strong molars to attach to, it would have to be my first molar on one side and my second molar on the other side. Would this be possible?

    Am I worrying over nothing?

    Thanks for your advice


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    Hello Adam,

    the inman aligner will exert pressure on your teeth that need to be moved in order to move them. If you have gaps or missing teeth this is something that needs to be discussed with your dentist following an examination. There are many practices that offer a free inman aligner consultation so I would try to find one of those before spending 150 on a consultation or speak to the clinic that charges 150 and ask if it is refundable if you are not suitable for treatment

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