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    Default Failed gum healing after apicectomy

    Hello All

    I am new to this forum, so hello everyone! Like most others here I am in need of some good advice.

    I broke my upper front incisors as a child and had gold peg crowns fitted in 1972 which lasted up till early 2008 when infection set into the roots of both teeth. At that time my dentist performed an apicectomy to clear the infection from both teeth and fitted new crowns without fully removing the old ones.

    However I have a problem in that the incision in the gum over the left tooth never healed over properly after the apicectomy, despite being re-sutured after the first attempt. I now have an open split in my gum which has grown from the apicectomy site right down to the tooth exposing the bone.

    At the time this happened my dentist consulted a professor at his old dental college who said he had seen this before and that it may possibly heal over, if not it would be OK if I kept it very clean.

    The dentist who did the apicectomy has now left the practice. Today I went to see his replacement who was quite concerned about how the gum looks, he said he had never come across this before.

    I am now a bit concerned that I should get a more expert opinion on this, and perhaps see if I can get the gum closed over.

    Can anyone offer any advice and/or suggest who I might see in my area to get expert help. I live on the Oxfordshire/ South Northants border not far from Banbury. Of course I dont mind travelling to find the right dentist who can help me.

    Many thanks for listening and for any advice.


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    Hello Martin,

    sorry to hear about this problem with your gum not healing, considering it has been quite some time now I would advise you to try and get an appointment to see a general dental council registered specialist in periodontics (A periodontist or gum specialist) as he would be the person to give you the best advice and may have possibly seen similar cases to yours. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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