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    Hi Guys
    I'm a 26 year old guy a couple of months ago my dentist told me I have gum disease which really shocked me, main reasons been I look after my teeth so much I don't smoke and as far as I've found out its not in my family history. Only 3 months after the dentist informed me of this I had to get a tooth at the back of the right side of my mouth taken out which my dentist told me was due to my gum disease I'm now really afraid now that I'll be left with no teeth by my 40s which would be awful for me as I really take pride of my teeth and it's always the first thing I notice in person. I've only just had my orthodontic braces removed 2 years ago and now this. What can I do to stop this gum disease or prevent it and what is the worst case scenario????
    Many Thanks

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    Paul, your dentist should be able to prescribe you a good hygiene program which should control the disease. If the disease does not stabilise there is always the option of being referred to a specialist if our dentist feels this is necessary. Without a full consultation I really can't advise further. I would suggest you speak to your dentist about your concerns to see what can be done.

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    Your best bet is to see your dentist who will recommend a solution to get your gum disease under control or possibly refer you to a gum specialist for a second opinion. With gu disease its very important that you get this seen to sooner rather than later.

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