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    I needed to have a bridge removed to have work done on a tooth under it. I am in the process of getting a new bridge. Well it came in and did not fit at all so it was sent back to the lab. Then it comes back and there is too large a gap between a tooth that is next to the bridge, so it is sent back to the lab again. It comes back in and now the margin of the tooth last tooth on the right side of the bridge is way too long exposing a good deal of metal with the tooth being way to short. The lab was called and they were going to add porcelin to the tooth however a good impression could not be obtained. So the particular tooth of the bridge was removed and another impression was done. This impression turned out fine and the bridge was sent back to the lab to add the tooth/crown with a better margin and longer tooth. So my question comes in two parts:

    * First - With so many adjustments being done to the bridge will it be a quality bridge or should I insist on starting over?

    * Second - Each time the temp bridge is cemented back on (temp cement) it falls off the next day or two so I call and go back in and it is recemented back on (getting the asssitant mentioned below) - I am using denture adhesive now because it fell off once again after having been placed on yesterday. I am sorry to say part of this is due to the inexperience of the dental assistants assigned to my case, a different one each time I might add. I requested a particular one for these visits as it seems she is more experienced and I have no problems with the cement issues when she does recement of it - I need to dicuss this once again with my dentist. I also noticed the temp bridge has holes in the back on a couple teeth and it chipped on one of the teeth at the gum line in the front. Can this temp bridge be fixed and made to last in order to get my premanate bridge in? I do like my dentist but I am frustrated because of all of this and it taking so long. I started this process begining of this year and we are still working on this.

    Please comment.

    Thank You,
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