Alright, well, here's my dilema. I'm 20 years old, have had poor teeth all my life from lack of vitamins and decalcification and the like, and so my teeth have always been really prone to cavities.

over the past year or so I apparently developed cavities along the tops of my teeth in the front, the whole main six you see when you smile. I never noticed them but my dentist filled them anyway. White plastic fillings were used and the seal on them has kept going about once a year now, warranting replacement.

They arent completely sure yet, and aren't giving me much time to decide at all, but they said they could either fill them again for them to just go bad again, or I could get porcelain crowns with the porcelain base.

I guess Im just a bit insecure about getting so many done at once so quickly, and wanted an opinion or two. Is crowning really my only inevitable option at this point? And is it wise?

The choice is partially cosmetic but also necessary.

I appreciate any and all replies to this, thank you so much for your time.