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    Default composite bonding

    I would very much appreciate some advice on this matter.

    My situation is as follows: I had fixed metal braces for 2 and a half years as an adult-they were removed just over a year ago. The results are good-all the teeth are lined up, however, due to natural discrepancies in my teeth, my two front teeth do not appear perfectly straight-basically one tooth is thicker and a different shape to its mate, making one look slightly more prominent than the other. This may seem like a daft concern as in essence my teeth are straight and "healthy"-but I would very much like this to be improved, as i think being confident in your smile is really important. What I'd like to know is- is it possible to place veneers on just the two front teeth so that they look natural and blend in with the others? Or, is composite a good solution aesthetically? I am leaning towards this option at the moment, as I do not like the idea of having much tooth structure removed. My main concern is that it looks natural.

    Many thanks.

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    Default Dental Bonding

    I have a large chip in my upper front tooth and this has been repaired by dental bonding. The problem I have with this is that I hate it! I don't like the fact that the join can be seen (v fussy I know) but also because it reminds me of how the injury occurred (not pleasant).

    I plucked up courage to ask my dentist about it and he told me, literally, to pull myself together. Not quite the response I hoped for. This dentist has done a lot of good work for me, but he's not v approachable or understanding about cosmetic things. I didn't feel I was asking for anything unnecessary though.

    He did say that a veneer wasn't a good idea as it would be too invasive, they don't last and can crack. My tooth has got progressively sensitive and I also wonder if a veneer would in fact provide extra protection for the damaged tooth?

    I would very much appreciate some advice on my situation with regards to bonding or a veneer. Also, if anyone can recommend a good cosmetic dentist in the south east area, that would be v helpful.

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