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    Unhappy Cost to replace mouth full of black fillings with white fillings

    i have just joined , im thinking about having some veneers , but my other problem is being a child of the seventies , i have a mouth full of black fillings would it be possable to have this replaced with white ones ,and what would the cost be.
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    Dear Debbie,

    yes it will be possible to have these replaced. For small fillings I would recommend simple composite material which can be built up directly in your mouth. These are not strong enough for larger fillings where some form of ceramic will be required.

    I can't say how much it will cost as that is up to individual dentists. Do be aware most top practices offere interest free finance to make treatment affordable.

    Please also ensure if you are going to have veneers placed that you do not shop for price, rather for quality. Ask to see examples of your dentists work

    I hope this answers your questions

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