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    Smile Inman Aligners in Leeds or Manchester

    I recently came across Inman Aligners, actually the same day i found this forum and thought that they would be perfect for my teeth, so i thought i'd ask the professionals, you guys!

    What i don't like about my teeth is the front 4 on the top set. I have a gap between the front 2 and then the ones on both sides of those go up and inwards, this also makes my fangs look larger than they actually are.

    I have read that Inman Aligners are only for the front teeth, which makes me think that they are perfect for me, but are they intended for gap teeth? The gap in my front 2 teeth is not very big, about as thick as a 5 pence coin.

    What also interests me most as a student is that the Aligners cost a lot less than invisible braises and don't take anywhere near as long.

    I currently live in Leeds, but travel though manchester to get home to Stoke-on-Trent.

    I'd be grateful of ANY advice for my case and information to what practices do Inman Aligners, specially ones that give free consultations and interest free payment plans, i am a student! (yeh yeh i know, dirty students haha)

    Thanks a million, Mike

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    It sounds like you may be suitable for the Inman aligner. If you are suitable you can expect treatment to take 8-12 weeks on average. I have just completed a case which took 6 weeks to straighten a clients teeth, she was obviously extatic!

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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