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    Default I want a new smile

    I am what feels like a desperate person right now. My teeth are disgusting. They are very crooked. The top teeth at the front are so badly crooked that they are almost stacked one behind the other only pointing in different directions. Its difficult to keep them clean due to the over crowding and they way they are placed. I cannot smile in public and when I talk I cover my face, which then makes people stare even more. When people talk to me they are so busy looking at my teeth they dont listen to a word im saying. I hate it and its totally destroying me. I work in a bar so have to face public on a daily basis and I dread leaving the house. Its ruining my life.
    I had braces when I was a teen and they were straightened but after years of grinding my teeth when i sleep they have somehow gone back to how they were before but only worse. Im 34 years old and a single parent ( no suprise there) finally got the courage to goto my dentist after ten years of not going. When i told her that I wanted a brace her reply was that i dont need one. "Everyone has something wrong with them it just happens that your flaw is your teeth." I was crying my eyes out and she just laughed it off and told me to stop being dramatic its not a big deal. well to me it is a big deal. I have no social life because of it and my self confidence just couldnt get any lower. Ive even thought about leaving my job because i cant bear people to look at my teeth when i talk to them. Ive looked everywhere for some help and came across this site today. Sorry for rambling on a bit.
    Thanks for reading

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    Default Lindsays' teeth

    Hi lindsay,

    Sorry to hear about your current predicament. You seem distraught. I presume after the braces your teeth relapsed.How long did it take after the braces for you to realise your teeth were so crooked?

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    Dear Lindsay,

    I can totally understand why you are so upset. There is nothing worse than having lack of confidence, finding the courage to try to sort it out only to be shot down.

    Many bracework cases relapse unless they are stabilised at their final position. Botoom line is there will be pleant of options for you to give you the confidence where you want to show a big smile in all your photographs.

    Think of your long term goal, straight teeth and the confidence that all goes with it. The technicalities that get you there should be the concern of your dentist.

    please don't feel that you are beyond help, modern dentistry can work wonders. With 0% finance options, the smile you deserve and want can become easily affordable.

    As I mention to everyone, its impossible to say what needs to be done without a consultation.

    Lindsay, rest assured that everyone here is ready to listen.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions

    hope this helps

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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