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    Default Question about Invisalin Price Discrepancies

    Im starting to get very confused.

    Firstly, I was quoted 3,600 from my orthodentist for top and bottom invisalign.

    Secondly, I was quoted 3,000 from a Harley Street dentist for top and bottom invisalign.

    Thirdly, I was quoted 1,595 from a Harley Street dentist for top and bottom invisalign.

    Its crazy! How can there be such a difference! How can the Harley Street dentist charge so little. Its disconcerting how there can be such a difference.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default invisalign prices

    At first the differences seem crazy you are right but certain clinics price themselves differently based on different criteria and i would be careful when price shopping. I cannot comment on your treatments or the clinics you have been to but when considering the price of any cosmetic dentistry ask the following questions:

    How many cases has that dentist performed in the past - the more experienced practitioner will generally charge more

    What does the aftercare entail?

    Does the dentist have photographs (before and afters) of work that he/she has completed that is similar to what you want?

    Will i see the same dentist throughout my treatment?

    Some dentists may be working on a low profit margin

    How long has that dentist been offering this treatment for

    what does the price include - retainers, two arches, one arch, full arch or only movement of anterior teeth?

    I hope the above helps and good luck in making the right choice it can be a hard task

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    i'm curious to know which places you went to to get the quotes

    my dentist quoted me about 2800 for my treatment but i'm not sure i can afford that and i wonder if someone else woudl do it cheaper as my mum has never been completely trusting of this dentists pricing either...

    many thanks.

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    Default Re; price discrepeancies

    Its pretty disgusting the price differences, it just shows how important it is to have a good look around and research for the most reasonable price, it appears that they can charge what they feel like!

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