Just wondered if anyone could give me any advice on my Invisalign treatment. I have been undergoing treatment since Nov last year and have 40 sets for my upper teeth. The crowding is just on the right side of my upper arch and involves the front tooth, the canine and the one in between (apologies for not knowing the proper names for these teeth!!). I have spaces for attachments on these 3 problem teeth although due to the fact that i REALLY struggled taking the aligners on and off for the first few months these attachments were removed apart from one on my front tooth. Up until about set 30 my back teeth were moved into position to allow room for the front and this all seemed to be fine, i was wearing each new aligner for 10 days and even shortened this to a week at one point as things were going so well. The problems have now started as the last 10 sets were designed to move the front teeth into position, and basically the crossbite i had is resolving but the tooth next to the front tooth is tipped back and the front tooth seems to be moving across it as it is straightening up and preventing this tooth from coming forward. My teeth actually look nothing like as straight as the aligner that i am currently wearing (set 38) so i have been advised to go back through the series and find one that fits my teeth as they are now and to wear this again and then continue back up the series (gone back to 35 as it pains me to go any further back and i lost 33 and 34 anyway ;-). I'm just finding it very difficult to sort my own treatment out like this and am worried that i may have to go through the whole process of submitting the moulds of my teeth to Invisalign again and waiting for aligners etc, can anyone offer any help as to what they think i should do re insisting the attachments are put back on/continuing on through the aligner sets as prescribed before asking the dentist to contact Invisalign?

I can give more info/photos if anyone thinks they can help