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    Hi, looking for advice from a expert....If someone has a problem with their enamel, like tetracycline staining or calcium spotting, is it possible to have thin veneers to cover such a problem or would they need to be thicker in order that the tooth surface underneath wont show through, as I believe veneers are translucent? Is there anything that the dentist can do with the cement or anything so that the tooth surface underneath isnt visible through the veneers?

    Thanks very much

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    Dear Ali,

    There are a number of tricks we can use. Calcium and fluoride spots do not always need veneers. There is a procedure known as chemomechanical micro abrasion which can often get rid of these spots.

    With regards to tetracycline staining I would always recommend a long course of whitening first. Occasionally it can either work well or reduce the darkness of the teeth to make veneers more predictable. Often we can use slightly thicker veneers and cements which can mask underlying colour. Your dentist should be aware of these options. Please be aware the most difficult type of tetracycline staining to treat is that where the staining is near the gumline

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards
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