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Southampton is a city on England’s South Coast. It is 75 Miles to London’s South West. The nearest dental schools to Southampton can be found in London. The city of Southampton has 234,100 inhabitants.

A whole range of cosmetic dentistry procedures can be offered by your local Southampton dentist but remember that none of these will be covered by the NHS as they are listed as non-essential treatments.

To start, all dental practices recommend that you pay a visit every 6 months to keep a continual check on your oral health. This can help stop serious and damaging problems occurring such as gum disease and tooth decay and prevent them from taking over your teeth and mouth.

A deep, intensive clean by a dental hygienist can be a great, simple way of boosting the health of your mouth and teeth and also leaving it looking beautiful and glossy. However, if you feel that you mouth could do with a little more than a clean to remove stains then teeth whitening could be the answer. It takes less than an hour and many practices offer home whitening kits so you can maintain your lovely, white teeth from home.

For more serious problems affecting your teeth you may need to periodontal treatment or root canal surgery but the main aim of each surgery is to maintain your natural teeth.

Sometimes this isn’t possible and diseased teeth may need to be removed to stop the spread of decay. After a tooth has been removed it is always recommended that you have it replaced to halt any future speech and eating troubles. Replace treatments may include dentures, implants, crowns and bridges and it is always best to consult your dentist over the best option for you.

Crooked, twisted teeth can be a source of unhappiness and embarrassment but can be treated through orthodontic procedures such as Invsialign, Inman aligners, Lingual braces and 6-month smiles. Ask your dentist which would be the brace best suited to you.

Many dental clinics now offer Botox and dermal fillers as part of the treatments they can offer. Ask your dentist if they are a trained in these skills.

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