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370 Central Drive, South Shore, Blackpool, FY1 6LA

Biography for Leanne

Leanne is a qualified dental nurse and has become an important member of the Synergy Dental Clinic team in Blackpool.

She is a popular member of staff with patients who visit Synergy Dental Clinic, due to her friendly manner and an amazing ability to make anxious patients feel at ease during their time at the practice.

As a diligent and motivated member of staff, Leanne has genuine passion for helping others and will always ensure that patients are comfortable, safe and healthy.

Leanne is known for her positivity, optimistic attitude and is a welcome asset to the team in Blackpool. Her enthusiasm and general positivity have made her a particular favourite among patients.

The clinic in Blackpool is highly successful in the dental field. The practice has established an excellent reputation and many patients return time after time, recommending the clinic to friends, family and colleagues.

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