New Fill treatment

The New Fill treatment is used to help fill in missing tissue in the body. It has been used in orthopaedics, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery for over twenty years. Nowadays, New Fill is already available for aesthetic purposes.

New Fill is made from substances that are found in your own body. Since the active substance in New Fill occurs naturally in the body, it has the ability to stimulate the production of collagen and naturally reconstruct the skin even after a long time has passed.

New Fill is great for treating wrinkles and furrows. It will make your skin look firmer and add to its elasticity. Several parts of your face can be treated, including the forehead, the lips, the eyes, the mouth, the nose and the cheeks. If you want to correct your wrinkles, scars and skin depressions, and improve your coetaneous defects in general, New Fill would be a great treatment option.

The New Fill treatment is very simple. It uses a very fine needle like the ones used in acupuncture. New Fill is injected into the wrinkled area. The gel will fill in the lines and the wrinkles. They will disappear in a couple of days. After around a month, the New Fill will start to stimulate the production of collagen. This will make your skin regain its previous elasticity and smoothness. The polylactic acid is absorbed by the body and it will eventually produce its own collagen. New Fill is a synthetic substance that contains no animal proteins, so having allergic reactions is highly unlikely.

It will take you around two to six treatments of New Fill to get your desired results. You will spend around 15 to 20 minutes per session. You will be treated over a period of six months. Results will start showing after three to four months. Your next set of treatments may come after 18 to 24 months. You should avoid taking medications with aspirin before your treatment sessions. You should also not use Retinol-based creams for a week before the treatment. For more details about the New Fill treatment, have an initial consultation with your doctor or cosmetic surgeon.