Evolence is an injectable collagen-based treatment that is used to smooth out facial lines and wrinkles. It is natural, safe and effective. If you want to combat the signs of aging, the Evolence treatment could be a great idea for you.

Women and men can now restore their youthful appearance with a single procedure that takes only a few minutes. Results can be seen right after the procedure and they can last for about a year. The solution is totally natural as well. You do not even have to go through repetitive procedures in order to accomplish your goals.

Evolence has perfected a technique where originally sourced collagen is purified and transformed into something that can accurately match the human collagen. Collagen is one of nature’s most important building blocks, and Evolence gets it from a biocompatible source. This means that the collagen that is used by Evolence resembles human tissue as closely as possible. Thus, any adverse reactions are avoided.

Evolence works by filling the lines and the wrinkles that have been created by the loss of natural collagen in the skin. Men and women will age and they will all go through this. When Evolence is injected, it will naturally bind with the body’s own collagen. In order to find out more about Evolence, set up an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon or doctor right away.