Dental Holiday Slovakia

Dental Holiday Slovakia

00421 2 210 256 30

Teplicka ul 84, Piestany spa, Bratislava, 92101, Slovakia

Overall Rating 100%
from 20 reviews

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I am 51 years of age and have to say this is the best dentist I have ever been too. Truly gave me back my confidence . I would not go anywhere else now.

Overall Rating 100%
from 20 reviews

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About Dental Holiday Slovakia

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Dr. Mark, Daniel and their team have been running their hugely successful UK accredited British dental treatment abroad clinic for 5 years now, offering immediate appointments with easy-to-understand pricing and no hidden costs.

dental holidays slovakia

How does it all happen?

We are not a medical tourism agency! We are a UK STAFFED DENTAL CLINIC ABROAD. You communicate directly at all times via email and telephone with Daniel (originally from North England, but based on-site at the dental clinic) or Natalia - patient coordinator ( 8 years experience working for a dental clinics in England), who will then send you promptly a helpful treatment plan and costs involved. Once they receive your flight details, they will take care of the rest.

dental holidays slovakia

They will pick you up from airport free of charge (there are 14 flights a day from various UK airports and just a 1-2hr flight with Ryanair) organize quality accommodation close to the clinic (typically £30 per night), and provide a free consultation & x-rays. Once you're happy & relaxed, almost painless, state-of-the-art dental treatment begins in their comfortable clinic under the skilled hands of Dr. Marek Salka, an internationally recognized implantologist and restorative dentist. You'll know that you have made the right choice.

They have been fitting successfully hundreds of dental implants, crowns and bridges each year in close partnership with their on-site computerized dental lab, and offer a full guarantee on all dental treatments. Aftercare? Should anything happen, simply return and they'll repair or replace the dental work free of charge.

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Their clinic is based in Piestany, a relaxing spa town on the outskirts of Bratislava with plenty of great restaurants, parks and shops. The local currency is Euro, and food & drink is also less than half the price of that what you would pay in the UK. Their driver (originally from Manchester) is often on stand-by for trips to the mountains, castles, Bratislava and Vienna.

dental holidays slovakia

Sample prices & treatment durations:

One day visit:
White Fillings: £57, Root canal treatment £77, Tooth Whitening £247

Crowns / Bridges: One 4 day visit

CEREC or Zirocnia crowns / Veneers: £297 per tooth.

Crowns / Bridges: Two 1 day visits (with 2 weeks between them)

Porcelain fused crowns: £197 per tooth.

Dental Implants: Three one day visits (over 4-6 months)

5*Ankylos Advanced German Dental Implants: £397
+ Implant abutments: £197

Implant crowns / bridge points: £297

Free temporary veneers / crowns / bridges are provided for every patient, as well as the added assurance of no extra or hidden costs involved, friendly faces, and cups of tea and sympathy.


Excellence and high standards in all aspects of the Dental clinic

98% in a survey of 500 of their UK patients said they were highly satisfied and would recommend Piestany dental clinic to their family and friends.

This is a diverse, very relaxed and friendly dental clinic with the "personal touch" so often missed in rushed NHS waiting rooms and "dental tourism" clinics in Poland and Hungary. The comfortable waiting room has free wi-fi internet connection, English TV, and the best cup of tea outside of England. Questions? The entire staff and dental team at have over 5 years experience in all aspects of dental care for UK visitors. References? Almost 1000 UK patients have been treated by this dental clinic and their permanent confident smiles speak for themselves.

You can find over 100 similar handwritten testimonials and videos like these at

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Daniel Shaw through their inquiry form at

or telephone: 00421 2 210 256 30

You'll find out that it's one of the best decisions you've ever made :-)

Reviews for Dental Holiday Slovakia

I am 51 years of age and have to say this is the best dentist I have ever been too. Truly gave me back my confidence . I would not go anywhere else now.

by Bernice Partridge for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I started my treatment in August 2014 I had three visits in all .i had six implants and 12 crowns fitted on my top arch .im very happy with the results.i would recommend anyone who has a problem with there teeth to visit the clinic you will receive a first class service.they really looked after me from the driver Dano who picked me from the airport to Dr marek himself and his staff were excellent.a special thank you to Natalia who booked my accommodation all by email she made it so easy and is so friendly .

by Sean byrne for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I had a major operation - 10 implants on low and upper jaw all together. From the very fist moment arriving to the airport for my first treatment. To the moment the job was completed - everything was taking care of. The transport from the airport to the clinic, very nice accommodation everything was right there. I didn't have to worry about anything. The job itself is excellent!!!! 5 stars plus... Money well spent!!! The teeth look great. I received not just set of beautiful teeth but the whole face looks lifted, younger, fresher. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone!!!

by Taina McCarthy for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Absolutely superb all round! I had 8 crowns and my partner 5. Completely pain free and wonderful work done. All staff have excellent English and everything is explained clearly. No pressure at all.
friendly and very helpful. Piestany very pretty spa town so a lovely place to stay in between treatment.

by Celia Wilkinson for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I finished my 2 years course of treatment in April 2014..I have had extensive dental work carried out..bonegraft ...sinus work..I am pleased with my result and each stage was carried out in a professional manner.Hence i am hoping to continue treatment in 2015..Communication fantastic with Natalia..

by shaun taylor for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Truely first class experience at the dental clinic in Piestany, Slovakia. I started my treatment in January 2014 and I have just returned from my final visit. I had 4 visits in total.

The full experience was an amazing one, better than I could have imagined. All the equipment was top notch and the staff are all fantastic.

I has 2 dental implants, 5 crowns, 3 of which are held in with glass fibre posts, and all my silver fillings re-done to white ones.

From landing at the airport in Slovakia and being picked up by the driver Daniel and taken to the accomodation (booked through the clinic) to Dr Marek, Dr Rob, Natalia, Monika and all the dental nursing team, my trips all ran smoothly with no hiccups whats so ever.

The cost is brillant compared to what we get charged in England.

While there my husband decided to have some dental work because of the price and professionalism.

I'm going to miss the team in the dental pratice and Piestany, which is a spa town, very beautiful and picturesque.

I can't thank everyone enough, my life has changed since visiting the Dental surgery. One of the best decisions I have ever made, I'm so happy with the outcome.

I would highly recommend having surgery done at this practice, or the one they are in the process of setting up in Bratislavia.

Nothing is too much trouble for the dental team.

by Victoria Brooke for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I had a lot of work done to correct work I had done in the UK ! I this Dental Holiday is the best Dentist iv ever been to. When people tell me I have lovey teeth I tell them Its thanks to the out standing work of Dr Marek and his lovely team.

by Bernice Partridge for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I had a 3 tooth bridge on my front uppers which failed last year (after only having been fitted 4 years previously in the UK) My local dentist told me the situation was hopeless in terms of re fitting the bridge and that i needed either a denture of implants. I tried a denture and just couldn't get on with it so started investigating implants.

Having got some quotes from UK dentIists for implants to hold a 3 tooth crown I also started looking abroad. I came across the dental holiday website and what initailly caught my eye was the immaculate website with perfect english and not a single 'typo'. This immediatley gives a good professional impression. I asked for some quotes and when I saw I could save around 50% compared to my UK quotes (flights included) and also after having read a lot of reviews on the clinic I decided to go for it.

I made 3 visits to the Dentalholiday clinic in Piestany and over these visits I had 3 dental implants fitted, a tooth whitening and a 3 tooth implant crown plus adjoining crown fiitted. Right from the word go the whole team there were polite, professional and all speak excellent English. You are met and taken back to the airport, the clinic is very clean and modern and everyone makes you feel welcome.

The aftercare and explanation by Natalia is first class and Dr Malek is clearly very good at his job. I paid exactly as quoted, there were no hidden extras and am delighted with the work thats been done. The implants themselves come with a lifetime guarantee. I have had no hestitaion in recommending the clinic to friends and family and If in the future I need more dental work done I will without a doubt be contacting the dentalholiday clinic.

by Ben Pryor for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Well what can I say! I never really knew just how much my lack of smile affected day to day life. Thanks to Dr Marek I have the smile of my dreams and I couldn’t be happier. I had 5 implants and 27 crowns on both jaws so it was a complete set of new teeth. I am over the moon with my new smile and keep catching a glimpse in the mirror just for a cheeky smile. Natalia was amazing and made the service so personal and Monika and Daniel the chauffeur both lovely.

I am so indecisive so it is something I really looked into but after lots of research I found these guys. I really couldn’t afford to have it done in the UK as its such a rip off and my experience with dentists hasn’t been great. Naturally you are apprehensive as it is such a big thing to have done but I needn’t have worried. The skill and techniques are head and shoulders above anything you could have done in England and a fraction of the cost. I am starting to sound like I work for them and I truly don’t believe me I am just soooo happy with the results and will miss seeing you guys!

I will be back for my yearly checkup and hygiene appointment for sure! Oh and should anything more need doing I wont hesitate it coming straight over. ?

by Natalie for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Everything about this practice is perfect from the pick up at the airport, the treatment, through to being dropped at the airport for the return flight.

by DAVE FRAMPTON for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Have just returned after completing my treatment at Dentalholidays and could not be more pleased with the work done. I had three two night visits which I treated as mini breaks as Piestany Spa is so beautiful and I was so lucky to have fantastic weather. Everyone has been so kind and helpful, from my first correspondence with Daniel - being met by the other Daniel from the airport and taken to my accommmodation (and returned to the airport, of course)- Monika in Reception - Natalia - Dr Merek and Dr Rob and all their friendly dental nurses. Although I travelled alone and was quite nervous, I didn't need to worry as their always seemed to be other english speaking patients to talk to, all discussing their teeth of course. I only hope is does not become too busy as I want to return for more treatment at the end of the year!

by Sue Cave for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Fantastic experience. Staff were extremely friendly and the service was exceptional. Will definitely be returning for more treatment. Already recommended to friends.

by Euan Buchan for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I had a poor bridge and crowns that were giving me trouble. I went to Dental Holiday on a recommendation and am not disappointed. Dr Marik explained the options and I was given a fully costed plan. My treatment progressed well with 1 dental implant with 3 crowns along with bone and soft tissue grafts. All expertly completed and I have no hesitation in recommending Dental Holiday to anyone considering dental treatment abroad

by Audrey Sherriff for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I have debated for over 5 years having treatment on my teeth and in that time I have been to various UK dentistry’s for quotes. I finally plucked up the courage to go to Dental Holidays after a friend went last year and recommended this clinic and the dentist Marek. I travelled to Dental Holiday in early August and was greeted at the airport by Philip before transferring straight to the clinic. I was welcomed with smiles by all the employees before having a consultation with Marek. I advised my problems and Marek was very helpful in coming up with a solution that would create the smile I wanted as well as to the cost I had budgeted. After agreeing in having 10 veneers and 4 root canals, I was bought back for my dental treatment that day and did not experience one ounce of pain. Marek and his assistant would always make sure I was comfortable and feeling no pain. I have waited many years to have my teeth done and I could not be happier with the results and the mainly the cost of using this clinic. The work I had done at Dental Holiday was near a 1/3 of the cost in the UK and the care was second to none. I went by myself and stayed in Piestany for 4 days and felt safe and a phone call away from the dentist should I have needed anything. The travel was so easy from London and it proved to be an experience with perfect results.

by Josh Young for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Excellent work performed on my son's teeth: 4 root canal treatments on 2 molars, x-rays, 2 crowns for the molars made and fitted in 3 days, plus 5 fillings. My son reported it was as good as pain free and he could eat dinner an hour later with no difficulty. My son was delighted with the result and enjoyed the surroundings in Piestany and had a back massage on spa island afterwards.

by Timothy Plummer for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

A quotation for dental work in the UK meant another mortgage or look for another option.

Two weeks later I was in Piestany. From the moment of your arrival at the airport to getting back to the airport have complete confidence that you are being looked after by Dr Marek Salka, Daniel Shaw and their team giving you a service that is second to none.

Within 2 hours of arriving I had my initial consultation including the full mouth x-ray. Dr Marek explains your current teeth and any problems he sees with them and then together you come up with a plan to give you the outcome that you want. In my case this was different to the UK advice and quotation. I was given a full explanation of why some of the work they had recommended in the UK should not be carried out!

There is absolutely no pressure and you get a quotation which outlines all of your treatment and the cost....there are no hidden extras. In my case my treatment was a quarter of the UK quoted price!

I decided to go ahead and some 3 months later my treatment is finished. I have had 2 bone grafts, a soft tissue graft, 3 implants and 4 crowns.

A thoroughly professional service that I have no hesitation in recommending to friends family and anyone caring to read this. No more NHS check ups - as a family we will be visiting Dental Holidays for our check ups and general dental needs as well. It is with complete peace of mind that we have found a dentist we can trust to give the correct advice and able to deliver the service to provide it and all at reasonable cost.

We combined sightseeing with my treatment. Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest are all within reasonable travelling distance. A mini holiday every time you need treatment .......great - it makes perfect sense!!!!

by Steve Sherriff for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

I recently went back to the Dental Holiday Clinic in Piestany when I was advised by my local UK dentist that I needed root canal treatment and a crown.
Having had four excellent crowns fitted two years ago by Dr. Marek, along with my daughter who had six crowns and my husband who had three titanium implants and four crowns, I had absolutely no reservations in booking my appointment for this new work.

As usual, I was collected from the airport and driven to the clinic where once again I| enjoyed the friendly professional treatment from the Dental Holiday team. After the root canal treatment, I then had a few hours to stroll around the town and enjoy a lunch before returning to the clinic to have my crown fitted. This had been prepared in the clinic's own lab in the time that I spent in the town.

I had booked an overnight stay through Daniel although I could have caught the evening flight back to Stansted.

The next morning the driver picked my up from my hotel and I was driven back to Bratislava airport in plenty of time for my flight home.

My family and I can only say that visiting this clinic is a pleasure, the state of the art equipment and practices put most UK dentists to shame. Piestany is also a lovely town to visit and I can thoroughly recommend the Spa treatments available on the Island which the reception staff at the clinic are only to pleased to book for you.

by Susan Fores for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

First Class Truly Exceptional Care and Management from the initial contact with Dental Holiday's Daniel Shaw through to Airport Pick-up by Phil and no fuss consultation with Dr Marek which set out clearly options and costs.

Throughout the time at the clinic you are well looked after by Monika and thbe dental technicians and nurses-totally felt at ease

I had two root canal filling, a glass fibre post inserted and Zirconium Crown all completed in 24 hours and the results are fantastic

The procedure was pain free-yes i really pain free

Thank you all at Dental Holidays UK

Shotham Kamath

by Shotham Kamath for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

Excellent dental practice. Dr. Marek is a true professional. Pain free, only the odd dull ache after 5 implants and crowns. Was able to eat dinner shortly afterwards. The whole team is brilliant and so caring, latest equipment and in nice situaiton in spa town so visited spa for mud bath etc. and enjoyed the shops too.
I would recommend this particular practice as my teeth look so good.

by Patricia Plummer for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

My teeth were in poor condition & I was determined to take action to have the problem resolved. After much internet research on UK cosmetic dentistry practises & associated costings I decided to look further afield & chose the Dental Holidays Company based in Piestany Slovakia.

The first thing that impressed me was the detailed website. All the information I needed to know was contained within.

I now have twelve new zirconium crowns fitted to my upper teeth & two dental implants fitted with zirconium crowns to my lower jaw. The treatment from Dental Holidays staff is superb. The whole operation is very slick & smooth with no hidden surprises.

Dr Marek works in a very modern & well equipped dental surgery. All his staff are friendly & speak very good English. I was made to feel very much at home during my stay. I elected to book accommodation through the Surgery at a very reasonable 30Euros per night. The apartments provided were very clean & warm.

It is now over two months since my treatment was completed. I am so happy with the work that Dr Marek carried out at Dental Holidays of Piestany. I have no reservations in highly recommending this Company to anyone who is considering undergoing cosmetic dental augmentation. Top Quality work at less than half of UK prices.

by Ian Massey for Dental Holiday Slovakia
Overall Rating: 100%

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