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Following A Blow To The Face, My Teeth Are Pushed Back Slightly. Is This Just The Swelling Or Do I Need To See A Dentist?

Monday, January 7th, 2013

I was struck in the face by a fleeing suspect the other day at work – they had me sent to the ER just to be safe, everything seemed fine other than bruised and swollen, however, since then I’ve noticed that my left front incisor and the tooth next to it (before the canine) are pushed slightly back, and the incisor is angled ever so slightly so the front incisors are no longer even. It’s very annoying because now my lower incisor hits the top one if I’m not super careful while chewing. I’m still swollen (it’s only been about 30 hours since it happened), and none of the teeth seem to be loose at all. Could this be a result of the swelling, or should I be contacting HR to get my teeth looked at as soon as I can open my mouth that far (still too swollen for anyone to get a good look at anything)?

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