STB Light Lingual Braces

The STB light lingual brace is an innovative treatment that provides the perfect solution for patients that want to improve the aesthetic appeal of their smile without having to wear highly visible, bulky braces. Unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are fitted to the back of the teeth, meaning they are invisible to other people. The STB light lingual brace was developed by Dr Giuseppe Scuzzo and Dr Kyoto Takemoto.

What is special about the STB light lingual brace?

The STB light lingual brace has been specially designed to eradicate problems with discomfort and changes to speech and eating, which may result from normal lingual braces. The STB light lingual braces are more delicate and discreet than traditional lingual braces and have been developed using a special self-ligation design, which reduces friction and therefore prevents pain.

Are the STB light lingual braces uncomfortable?

Like all types of brace, the STB light lingual braces take a bit of getting used to; however, most patients find that the discomfort wears off quickly. The STB light lingual braces have been specially designed to be as comfortable as possible and the brackets are much finer and lighter than other braces. The forces generated by the braces are gentle and so the patient should not experience any pain during treatment.

What are the benefits of STB light lingual braces?

The main benefit of lingual braces is the fact that other people can’t see the braces; this is a major advantage for most people, as they worry about the visible impact of wearing braces. The STB light lingual braces are much more discreet and more comfortable than most other types of brace. Treatment time for STB light lingual braces is also very short compared to most other teeth straightening methods and results can be seen within weeks of the braces being fitted.

Are STB light lingual braces suitable for everyone?

STB light lingual braces are suitable for most patients as they can be used to treat a huge variety of orthodontic problems; your dentist will be able to discuss the treatment with you and assess whether light lingual braces will be suitable for you. The STB lingual braces are suitable for patients that cannot wear aligners, as they provide more support and a greater degree of control.

How long will the treatment take?

Treatment time is considerably shorter than other teeth straightening methods and most patients only wear the STB light lingual braces for a period of weeks or months; in contrast, patients with fixed, traditional braces and other types of brace wear them for at least one year. The exact duration of the treatment will depend on the severity and nature of the individual case; some patients may only need to wear the braces for a few weeks, while others may wear them for a few months. On average, patients wear the STB light lingual braces for around 16 weeks.

How much will the treatment cost?

Most people would expect costs to be high, as the treatment is one of the newest and most innovative around. However, the cost of treatment is actually much lower than other types of braces, as the manufacturing procedure is simpler and the treatment time is much shorter. Patients with STB light lingual braces do not require nearly as much follow-up care as those with traditional braces, which further decreases the cost. The exact cost of the treatment varies depending on the clinic and dentist you choose. Prices also vary according to the individual expertise and experience of the dentist and the location of the clinic.