Dental Public Health Specialists

What is Dental Public Health?

Dental Public Health is concerned with preventing oral diseases, promoting oral health and improving the quality of life of the society as a whole, rather than the individual. It is concerned with the environmental, social and behavioural influences on the oral health of the population; and aims to improve the oral health of the population through preventative, educational and treatment services.

What is a specialist in Dental Public Health and what do they do?

A specialist in Dental Public Health is usually a consultant who works with Health Authorities and in the regional offices of the NHS executive. They may also work in academic institutions such as universities. Specialists in Dental Public Health do not normally carry out dental treatments on patients. They assess the dental health needs of the society and ensure dental services meet these needs.

What additional training and qualifications does a specialist in Dental Public Health need?

Trainees in Dental Public Health normally carry out reports and projects that are based with a Health Authority. Trainees will usually have to work with a variety of agencies and individuals within and outside the NHS, and a postgraduate qualification in Dental Public Health is also needed after completing an SAC approved training programme.