Cosmetic dentistry on the NHS ?

With cosmetic dentistry being so expensive not everyone can afford to pay to have the perfect smile or to have cosmetic dental treatment. Unfortunately the level of cosmetic dentistry that is availble on the NHS is minimal and the NHS will not fund a cosmetic dentist to carry out a smile makeover to make your smile look beautiful or pay for teeth whitening on the NHS beacuse ytou are unhappy about the colour of your teeth or want a brighter smile.

If you cannot afford cosmetic dentistry there are many different finanace plans available which enable you to spead the costs of your dental treatment over a period of a few months or years and make the treatment more affordable with monthly payments.

Is there any NHS cosmetic dentistry available in the UK?

A limited amount of cosmetic dentistry is available on the NHS below are a a series of senarios where you may qualify to have cosmetic work done on your teeth under the NHS.

  • Severely chipped to damaged tooth repaired with a veneer or cosmetic bonding
  • White fillings for the first five teeth at the front of the mouth
  • Porcelain crown for a very badly damaged tooth

If you think that you qualify for NHS cosmetic dentistry then the best way t o find out if you are eligible is to ask your local NHS dentist.