Myasthenia Gravis and your oral health

How can Myasthenia Gravis affect your dental treatment?

People with Myasthenia Gravis are unable to move part of their face or their entire face because such disorder affects their facial muscles. They have a hard time chewing their food, keeping their mouths closed when they eat, have a weakened tongue, and a weakened palate.

People with Myasthenia Gravis are unable to keep complete dentures in their mouth because their facial muscles are too weak. Dentures that are not properly fitted will make it hard for patients to close their mouths. This will lead to xerostomia or dry mouth, tongue fatigue, tight upper lips, difficulties in chewing, trouble speaking, and a hard time swallowing.

You should select foods that promote good dental health and foods that reduce the risk of cavities. If you are too weak to brush your teeth then consider purchasing an electric toothbrush. You can also get a caregiver to assist you in your dental care.

It is wise to keep your dental appointments short. Schedule your dental appointments early in your day as well. You may find it comfortable to go through dental treatment right after a few hours from taking your medications. It would be great if your dentist and your physician collaborate so that they can think of the best ways to provide you with the best dental and medical treatment possible. If you are having difficulty breathing then you may have to be treated in the hospital.

When you go through a dental appointment, your dentist may have to observe and monitor your vitals like your pulse, blood pressure, and your breathing rate. In order to reduce the strain your jaw muscles, your dentist may use a mouth prop, a tongue retractor, a rubber dam, or a bite block. You should let your dentist know your level of comfort including how you feel on the dentist’s chair. If you are tilted too far backwards then let your dentist know about it. You can also ask your dentist for rest periods during the duration of the treatment. Remember that if you take sedatives during a treatment, it may make your muscle control worse.

For those who are having trouble keeping their teeth and mouth clean, modified brushes and other appliances are available to assist you. You should ask your dentist or your oral hygienist about these appliances. You should keep your dentist informed about medicines that can weaken your immune system and medications that reduce your ability to fight off infection. Bring your medical records during your dental appointments so that your dentist is informed about your medications and the corresponding dosages you are taking. It would be great if your dentist and your physician collaborate to give you the best medical and dental treatments.