The LaserSmile gel is a device specially created to operate with the LaserSmile T laser. Both of these devices are available from Biolase Technology, Inc. This is a dental device used predominantly for teeth whitening, offering quicker and safer treatment. It is able to lessen sensitivity typically caused by teeth whitening and also works to prevent the build of heat. The LaserSmile continues the advancement in technology that is changing the way patients receive treatment, by making the process quick and easy.

How does the LaserSmile work?

The LaserSmile is a tooth whitening device that uses a bleaching gel comprised of hydrogen and peroxide. The model requires the use of the LaserSmile T laser in order to whiten teeth and perform other dental treatments. As there are only a minimum of teeth exposed to the laser at a time there is a minimal level of heat created. Total treatment for all teeth in the mouth during tooth whitening would take around 24 minutes, with each tooth being exposed to the laser for around 3 minutes during treatment.

Obviously, over time, there will be the need to attain more gel through Biolase Technology, Inc. The LaserSmile, when combined with the other necessary components like the LaserSmile T laser, is an excellent choice to whiten patient’s teeth, but there are a range of other procedures it can be used for. These include soft tissue crown lengthening, implant recovery and the treatment of aphthous ulcers.

What are the benefits of using LaserSmile for the dentist?

The LaserSmile is one of many technological advances that are currently changing the way dentists carry out their work. It is not only a technological device able to perform cosmetic treatment, such as tooth whitening, but can be used for various other treatments, specifically those concerning soft tissue. The device uses a laser, which cuts back on any sensitivity and pain patients may feel, which overall leads to a happier patient.

Patients who are fearful or anxious when going to the dentist need no longer be so, due to the gentle manner of the LaserSmile. Tooth whitening can be performed in as little as 24 minutes. The display will inform you of preset modes that are on offer for specific treatments and a countdown informing you how long treatment is taking. LaserSmile is therefore an excellent choice for a various dental treatments.

What are the benefits of using LaserSmile for the patient?

Patient comfort is something that is quickly becoming the norm, and this is only due to advancements in technology such as the LaserSmile. This is a device able to offer quick and gentle treatment, with little to no contact with the teeth being necessary. The device is easy to use, with simple settings and preset modes according to what treatment needs to be performed. Tooth whitening is one dental treatment which often causes sensitivity to the teeth, but through the use of LaserSmile this is put to an end. LaserSmile helps take the stress and fear out of dental treatment, making each visit to the dentist straightforward.