Wesleyan Strengthen Through Practice Plan Group Acquisition

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Specialist financial advice organisation, Wesleyan Assurance Society have fortified their position within the dental field by purchasing the Practice Plan Group.

An added bonus for Wesleyan in this is that the acquisition also includes ownership of a company called Medenta, a large UK based dental patient finance organisation.

The chief executive of the company Mr Craig Errington claimed that this move was very much a strategic one with one eye on the future. He believes that they can expand their range of services beyond purely personal financial services for dentists.

The chairman of Wesleyan was similarly optimistic about the future, citing this as a stepping stone on the journey to becoming the number one choice for dental care professionals.

The move is seemingly welcomed by both parties, as the Practice Plan managing director testified. Nick Dilworth stated that the level of service and great heritage means that Practice Plan are now part of one of the strongest mutuals in the UK at present.



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