Tomo the lion undergoes scans after developing dental infection

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Tomo, a 450lb lion living at the Columbus Zoo, Ohio, has undergone scans after developing a dental infection.

When Tomo displayed symptoms of sore gums, the zoo team decided to investigate and put their brand new CAT scan into action. The scanner provides incredibly detailed internal images and the zoo is one of just six facilities in the country to boast an on-site CAT scanner.

The 14-year old lion, who has been at the zoo since 2006, was positioned carefully inside the scanning unit and the images enabled the team to identify symptoms of a gum infection. The team prescribed medication to treat the infection, and they are hoping that Tomo will be fighting fit again within the next 8 weeks.

Tomo is a very popular resident of the zoo. Over the years, he has fathered three litters and he always draws crowds to the lion enclosure.

Dr Randy Judge said that keepers became aware of dental problems a couple of weeks ago and decided to run CAT scans to determine if the infection had spread to other parts of Tomo’s body. Thankfully, the on-site scanning unit enabled a quick diagnosis, and now Tomo is undergoing treatment.

The CAT scanner was built for humans and can tolerate up to 500lb, so Tomo was pushing the upper limits. The machine ‘groaned’ a bit, according to Dr Judge, but it got the job done and the images enabled a swift diagnosis.



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