State of the art dental sciences centre to open at Barnet and Southgate College

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A new, state of the art dental sciences centre is opening at facilities in Barnet and Southgate College, it has been confirmed. The Dental Technology Centre is planned to open as part of ongoing renovation plans at the institution.

The state of the art facility is due to open in September and will boast three laboratories, which will be kitted out with the very latest in equipment. Principal David Byrne said that the move marks a shift from the “messy artisan craft of dental manufacturing to the cleaner tech driven world of CAD design and 3D printing.”

The venture also represents an opportunity for educators and employers in the region to benefit from state of the art facilities, which can be used for training and development purposes and the college is working in partnership with the University of Bolton.

Robert Biggs, head of the Centre of Dental Sciences, said that the partnership will provide courses that concentrate on niche skills, which he described as “long overdue” in the UK’s dental technology industry.



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