Ryan Reynolds invites fan to Deadpool 2 premiere after watching dental surgery video

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Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds invited a fan to the film premiere of Deadpool 2 after watching a hilarious video of the man panicking about missing the opportunity to see the film as he came around from the effects of medication used to prevent pain during wisdom tooth surgery.

James D Eversole Jr posted the clip, which showed him stressing out about missing the film, which isn’t even due for release until spring, online and the video quickly went viral. At the time, he was recovering from having wisdom teeth extracted and the effects of pain relief medication were clearly taking their toll.

The video then caught the attention of the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds via Twitter and the popular actor retweeted the video and left a message saying that he empathised with James and would like to extend an invite to the film premiere, which is due to take place in May.

James said that he couldn’t believe that Ryan Reynolds had seen the clip, which was filmed by his wife on the way home from the dental surgery, let alone that he would have the chance to attend the premiere. He contacted Ryan Reynolds, thanking him and saying that he was “speechless.”



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