Port Talbot Dental Practice Supports Mouth Cancer Campaign

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A dental practice in Port Talbot,South Wales, has pledged its support to Mouth Cancer Action Month, an annual campaign run by the British Dental Health Foundation.

Talbot Road Dental Practice is supporting the campaign to help raise awareness of oral cancer, a disease that kills a person every five hours in the UK. Mouth cancer is becoming more prevalent, but public awareness of the disease is still low and as a result of this, most cases are not diagnosed in the early stages and survival rates are only around 50 per cent.

Principal dentist, Ann-Marie Howells, said that the campaign is very important and it is essential that dentists use their position to raise awareness of mouth cancer and encourage people to attend regular check-ups. Dentists are in a great position to diagnose mouth cancer at an early stage because patients visit them on a regular basis, while most only see their doctor when they are already ill or suffering from symptoms. Dentists look out for signs and symptoms during routine check-ups so visiting a dentist every 6 months should help to improve survival rates.

The practice will be offering free oral cancer screening to existing patients and members of the public who are not registered with the practice on November 20th. The screening test is very quick and there is no pain involved.

Mouth Cancer Action Month will run throughout the month of November; the aim is to make people aware of the causes, risk factors and symptoms of mouth cancer and encourage people to visit their dentist for a screening test and regular dental check-ups.




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