Plymouth uni invests £500k in dental study

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The University of Plymouth has agreed to invest £500,000 in Peninsula Dental School so it can pursue important research.

The research will be conducted in three areas; statistical epidemiology in oral health, psychological and virtual reality approaches to dental anxiety, and toxicology, nanotechnology and dentistry.

Oral health services research Professor David Moles, at the Peninsula Dental School, said that the university had chosen these particular three areas to research because they required additional and more focused study.

He added that the research would benefit both dentists and their patients and thanked the University of Plymouth on behalf of the Peninsular team.

Professor Wendy Purcell, a chief executive and vice-chancellor at the university, said that it was supporting Peninsular because of the excellent quality of its research and because it would benefit the health and wealth of local people in the region.

As many as 300 NHS patients are treated everyday as part of Peninsular’s training and research schemes.



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