Plymouth Dentist to Travel to Nepal Following April Earthquakes

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A Plymouth dentist is gearing up to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal, to help out in the wake of severe earthquakes, which hit the country in April.

Simon Crewe will be embarking on the adventure as part of a project run by Dentaid. The aim of the trip is to identify how Dentaid can help out in the area and Mr Crewe will be trying to find out how the charity could provide clinics, distribute supplies and work with local dental professionals to provide treatment in remote areas that have been ravaged by the earthquakes. The aim is to send out a group of volunteers early next year.

Dentaid has been working on ventures in Nepal for some time now, but sadly, many of the clinics set up were destroyed when the earthquakes struck.

Immediately after the earthquakes hit, understandably the priority was to provide people with shelter, food and clean water. It is now time to think about health care, including dental and eye care services, and Dentaid is eager to help out.

Mr Crewe said that there is likely to be a large number of people who have been living with significant dental pain over the last few months and Dentaid can help to provide relief for these people and start to rebuild in terms of setting up clinics and ensuring people have access to the most basic services.

The charity is also hoping to continue to support existing projects in Kathmandu and provide pre-school care for children, many of whom head off to school with at least 3 or 4 cavities.



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