Oxford City Council reveals new plans to reduce sugar consumption

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Oxford City Council has revealed plans to become ‘Sugar Smart’ in association with the Jamie Oliver Foundation, Good Food Oxford and local organisations, which are backing initiatives to reduce sugar consumption in the city.

Oxford is following in the footsteps of other ‘Sugar Smart’ cities, such as Bath, Cambridge, Bristol, Glasgow and Brighton. The campaign to reduce sugar consumption will be managed by Good Food Oxford in association with the Public Health team at Oxford City Council, Oxford’s NHS community dental services and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Good Food Oxford has been awarded a grant worth £5,000 from Sustainable Food Cities to implement a 12-month programme designed to tackle the problem of excessive sugar consumption.

The aim of the Sugar Smart campaign, which is spearheaded by chef, Jamie Oliver, is to educate people about the implications of consuming too much sugar and to make them more aware of how much sugar they actually consume on an average day.

As part of the scheme, Oxford City Council and its partners will be looking into measures such as advertising junk food and sugary drinks at leisure centres and other community sites and encouraging local businesses to get behind the scheme and become ‘Sugar Smart’.

The initiative was officially launched on Saturday 11th November with a debate entitled ‘The Great Sugar Debate’ at the Kassam Stadium.



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