NHS vows to keep dental services running after mydentist announces closures in Richmond and Catterick

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The NHS has vowed to keep dental services running after mydentist revealed that it was closing its clinics in Richmond and Catterick.

When news of the planned closures emerged, local MP, Rishi Sunak, wrote to NHS England to urge the body to act quickly to fill gaps. The Richmond MP has since revealed that he has been assured by the NHS that alternative providers will be commissioned as quickly as possible.

Mr Sunak said that he had been informed that services that are currently provided by the two mydentist practices will be transferred to other dentists. Funding for the services will continue to be provided by NHS England in Yorkshire and the Humber and representatives from the local trust have already contacted other dentists in the region to discuss the possibility of taking new patients on.

Mr Sunak said that there was widespread anxiety when the announcement came and mydentist patients were understandably worried about where they would go for treatment. He decided to contact NHS England to try and find a solution as quickly as possible and ensure that there would be minimal disruption to services, and he has since been reassured that the NHS is working to implement alternative arrangements before the clinics close at the end of March and April.



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