Healthwatch Bucks urges local dental practices to update their NHS Choices profiles

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A Buckinghamshire watchdog has urged local dental practices to update their profiles on the NHS Choices website. Healthwatch Bucks recently conducted research, which revealed that 35 practices in the area didn’t provide any information for patients via the website.

In light of the research, the watchdog is encouraging the practices to update their information to provide people with details of services, opening hours and the availability of NHS dental places for new patients.

Initial investigations in August 2017 revealed that 35 of the 77 practices did not have any information on the NHS Choices website, and despite advice from the watchdog, there had been little improvement when the website was checked again in October. The NHS Choices website is one of the main resources used by patients to find information about local dental services.

Representatives from Healthwatch Bucks have contacted the surgeries involved and also got in touch with NHS Digital and Healthwatch England.



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