Gloucester dental practice creates 500 new places after recruiting new dentist

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A dental practice based in Gloucester is taking on up to 500 new NHS patients after adding a new dentist to the team.

Courtlands Dental Practice is offering new patients the chance to join the register after recruiting one of the county’s youngest dentists. Max Cooper, 23, has recently joined the team after graduating from King’s College London.

News of Max’s arrival will no doubt be welcomed by local patients in the wake of national stories related to difficulty accessing NHS dental places.

Max, who said that he believes that he is currently “Gloucester’s newest dentist” is excited about the challenges that await him. It has been over four years since he saw his first patient as part of his university degree course and now he has finished university, he is relishing the opportunity to spend all his time in the treatment room. Max took an interest in dentistry after hearing his dad talk about avoiding going to the dentist for 40 years and regaling tales of when he was held down in order to see a dentist when he was a child. Throughout the course, Max’s love for dentistry grew and he loved practicing his skills and completing procedures.

Now that Max has joined the Courtlands team, he will be working under the guidance of principal dentist, Suganthy Suthagar, who said that it was really important to give young dentists a chance and to learn from their fresh ideas and enthusiasm.



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