Fluoride Levels To Be Increased In Children’s Milk In Cheshire

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Representatives from Cheshire West and Chester Council have revealed plans to increase the level of fluoride in children’s milk to tackle the problem of dental cavities.

Under the new guidelines the amount of fluoride in milk given to children at school would increase from 0.5mg to 0.8mg per 189ml carton. The aim is to reduce the number of children suffering from tooth decay. It is currently estimated that around 31 per cent of five year olds have dental decay.

Parents of primary school children in the area will be sent a letter detailing the proposals and asking whether they want to opt in or out of the scheme, which is currently in place in eight schools in the town of Winsford, meaning that 81 per cent of primary school children in the town consume fluoridated milk.

The proposals are based on advice from the National Fluoridated Milk Advisory Group, founded on research carried out at Newcastle University. Councillor Don Beckett said it is advisable to ask parents how they feel about the proposed changes.

The town is currently the only borough to offer children free fluoridated milk every morning, with studies indicating that this helps to reduce the risk of cavities.

The report adds that the increase in fluoride levels is expected to improve standards of oral health among children.



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