Black Panther star offers to replace fan’s retainer after she broke it while watching the film

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The star of the biggest film of the year, Black Panther, has offered to replace a fan’s retainer after she inadvertently broke the device while watching the movie.

Michael B Jordan has offered to pay for a replacement retainer for 17-year old, Sophia Robb. While watching the film, Sophia clenched her teeth during a tense scene, breaking the retainer and leaving her in need of an emergency orthodontic appointment.

The orthodontist was so entertained by the story that he shared it on social media. The Tumblr post attracted a lot of attention and was shared hundreds of times within hours. Shortly after the post appeared online, Sophia saw it and posted herself, joking that she was going to kill herself as a result of embarrassment about the scenario. Thankfully, Sophia’s blushes were eased when she received a Twitter message from Black Panther actor, Michael B Jordan, who offered to replace the retainer because he felt partly responsible for the teen’s dental plight.

Luckily for Sophia, her orthodontist was able to repair the retainer and she can now continue with treatment and revel in the delight of receiving a Tweet from one of the hottest new talents on the planet.



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