Americans flock to Mexico for cut price dental treatment

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Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular destination for dental tourists from America.

Mexico is an attractive option for American patients due to the proximity to the US border and the lower cost of treatment; simply stepping over the border into Mexico can save you up to 50 percent of the prices quoted in the USA.

Currently, figures suggest almost half of the American population don’t have dental insurance and costs are rising each year; unlike the British system, dental care is not subsidised by the government and patients could be expected to pay around $945 for a porcelain crown. The same treatment in Mexico could cost as little as $250.

The Border towns in Mexico are scattered with dental practices, most with a large proportion of American clients. The Denticenter chain, which has six branches in Mexico, close to the US border, has experienced a boom in business since it opened back in 1991; in the last three years alone, the number of patients on the register has doubled. An estimated 97 percent of patients come from the USA, with the vast majority choosing to travel the short distance from the US to save money; the cost of travel is minimal compared to the savings that are made by having treatment in Mexico rather than America.

The recession is believed to be a major contributor to the recent boom in dental tourism, with people simply unable to afford the cost of treatment in America; even routine treatments can run into the thousands and patients simply don’t have the money available to meet these bills. Cosmetic dentistry is also increasingly popular and prices for these kind of treatments are extortionate in the US in comparison to those in Mexico; many dental tourists take the opportunity to have a holiday as well as having their dental treatment and the cost of the treatment and the holiday combined are still lower than the treatment alone in the USA in most cases. 



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August 11th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Ellen Michaels Says :

I went to Cancun to Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry and received an excellent service. I think I saved like 6,000 USD and of course we had a great holiday in the Caribbean ocean. Nothing to worry about. This clinics are super clean and professional.