My crown doesn't fit its too high

Q. I was wearing a temp crown that fitted perfectly for 3 weeks. Tooth third in from the back lower left incl wisdom. Yesterday my dentist fitted my permanent crown which I told him felt very high, I had no bite contact on the opposite side at all. He told me that it can take up to 4 months for the tooth to ‘bed in’!?. Also, when I got home I noticed that on the outside the crown sits snugly into the gum but on the inside it is way short, 2mm off the gum and one can see an unsightly black line around the base as well as being able to feel a ridge where the crown ends. I have left a message for the dentist to call me which he is doing tomorrow. Is my crown a mal fitting one and should I inside that it is re made please.


A. I always advise people in this situation to contact their dentist with any worries or concerns regarding treatment that has been provided for them. Following fitting a crown there is often a need to make small adjustments to make the bite comfortable. Temporary crowns are made from a plastic material that is far less noticeable than the material that a permanent crown is made from. hopefully your dentist has eased your bite and things have settled down.

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