Dr Ryan Swain

cosmetic dentist new york Ryan Swain

Dr. Ryan Swain is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic orthodontics. He is founder of the Six Month Smiles organization and head clinical instructor. Dr. Swain trains dentists from around the world in the areas of Short Term Orthodontics, teeth whitening and bonding. He is on the forefront of cosmetic orthodontics and has developed many products and techniques in this area.

Dr. Swain prides himself on his ability to communicate clearly with dental patients and the dentists that he trains. He has a very "down to earth" manner and really enjoys helping patients achieve a smile that they can be proud of.

His Six Month Smiles dental practice is in Rochester, NY USA. He balances his time treating patients and training other dentists. Dr. Swain focuses on conservative cosmetic dentistry and continues to create exposure for Six Month Smiles on radio and TV. His positive attitude and approachable manner allow him to relate to both dentists and patients in a powerful manner.

As a member of our board of advisors Dr Swain offers advice both on the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide forums but has also contributed to content involving his revolutionary 6 month smiles system.