Hi, wondering if anyone can give me some advise...

Just three months ago I had veneers fitted to my two upper front teeth which I am very pleased with however just this week after only a matter of months I have noticed a fine crack underneath the surface of one of my veneers, starting at the bottom of the tooth and diagonally running almost halfway up. I am concerned and don't understand how this could have happened so quickly as I have never knocked my teeth in anyway and I am always extremely careful when I eat, as for the last few years my actual teeth were so thin that they would chip very easily and so I naturally eat in this way avoiding biting down on anything too hard.

When I showed the crack this week to my dentist he told me that, 'It was just one of those things and that I should be careful when I eat', however I couldn't be more careful! He doesn't think that my tooth is going to break anytime soon and so sent me away, although he couldn't guarantee this of course. Surely having a slight crack must weaken the veneer and I am worried that they will not last as long as they should, not to mention the amount of money I have spent on them. Another concern of mine is whether or not the positioning of my teeth are in anyway to blame for this fracture as before having my veneers fitted I firstly had to reposition my teeth by wearing an invisalign brace. My dentist did however look at my bite once again and told me that the position of my teeth are fine.

I guess I just want some advise on whether or not I should pursue having my veneers replaced now, sooner rather than later, and I'd like to know if my dentist is obliged to do this for free as I have only been wearing them a matter of months, or if I should wait and see how long they last. The crack is only visible close up and does not bother me aesthetically.

Thank you.