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    I have always had problems with my teeth being too soft and very prominant (mainly my top 2 front teeth). I had a fixed brace for years which I had removed just after my 17th birthday, just before having my brace removed I also had my lower jaw brought forward to correct my bite.
    My teeth were perfect for about a year and slowly but surely they have crept forward again. Now I am 28 and very fed up I hate my smile and have started hurting / throbbing on a night. I would love a new smile for my wedding photo's but unsure what would be possible.
    Please help any advice is welcome.

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    For these types of problems you should really consider braces. If you are suitable, the Inman aligner or the 3 Month Brace can give you fantastic results. Alternatively you could opt for something more discrete such as Invisalign

    I hope this helps
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    The Inman Aligner is a great solution for buck teeth but you would need a consultation with an Inman Aligner provider before you could get a clear indication if this treatment is suitable for your individual needs. Do remember that after any orthodontic treatment that you must wear orthodontic retainers for life in order to stop your teeth creeping back to their former position.

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