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    Default My crooked teeth are making me miserable - Advice please.

    Hi I'm new to these forums and was just wanting some advice about my teeth, where to begin..........

    Quite frankly my teeth are a state I have had loads of fillings root canal work and a couple of crowns I do brush my teeth at least twice a day but due to the overlapping of several of my teeth I have trouble cleaning them properly resulting in more fillings etc.

    I was receiving treatment at the dental hospital in Glasgow for over 2 years but once the student who was treating me left I never received an appointment to go back - I have contacted them since but they say I am back on the waiting list (a year and a half ago now) I am just looking to register with a new dentist now as I feel that they will never get back to me and as I have had a baby 4 months ago I know I will get free treatment for the next few months.

    The problem I have as I said is the fact that my teeth are quite crooked. I just realized the other day that I honestly don't know how to smile anymore because it has been so long since I have.
    Apparently I cover my mouth with my hand when I laugh (I don't notice this but have been told I do)
    I am very aware of my teeth and hate meeting new people as I feel that this is the first thing they will look at when I speak to them.
    I was going to post a photo of my 'smile' but really don't want to.

    The front right tooth sticks out the most and overlaps the two surrounding teeth and my left incisor also overlaps the two surrounding teeth, the rest are just crooked. I have dreamed of getting braces for many years but I just can not afford them ( I'm imagining it would be at least 4,000 if not more)
    The dental hospital told me that i would need to get an operation to reset my lower jaw as it sits too far back but again I have not heard from them.

    So my questions

    Do you think that I would be covered by then NHS for the cost of orthodontic treatment (or at least the part that I am classed as a nursing mother)?

    I would be just happy to get the the top front teeth straight and could live with the crooked ones on the bottom so do you think I would be suitable for the inman iligner treatment as I could probably afford to pay for that

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and sorry it's so long. Oh yeah I'm 26 years old

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    The NHS offers braces for severely crooked teeth. You would really need to be assessed by an orthodontist. The Inman aligner can be good but has it's limits and again you would need an assessment. Many dentists offer some form of free consultation that may give you a better indication as to what is possible and what is not

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