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    Hi, Ive no idea where to start or to go. My dentist doesnt want to mess with my teeth as he says theyre fine but im unhappy and always have been with my knashers. I was born without the 2 incisors next to the 2 front teeth but had a lot of extra teeth especially very large canines! most were taken out before they grew through. I had crossed front teeth as my baby teeth next to them wouldnt fall out (there were no adult teeth above to push them) eventually I had an awful lot of teeth removed for a futher set to come through and had my mouth referred to a sharks by the hospital dentist. For a time i was called bugs due to having little in my smile other than my 2 front teeth! I have ended up with a very strong set of teeth, no fillings but have canines either side of my front 2 teeth. My molars are small resulting in a very small yet fangy smile. Ive always wanted my smile fixed but have been told veneers wont change the appearance of my rounded canines and I really dont know which dentist to go to. Im in hull but will travel to london for a good job. I finally have the cash, i just need a dentist willing to help me smile with confidence!!! My sons just turned 11 and I recently found out his incisors are missing too! I dont want him to go through what i went through if todays technology can help.

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    you will most likely need a lot of work so may be best looking closer to home.
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