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    I have finished my innman , i have been wearing a removable plastic retainer now for 2 months and i have to pretty much wear it all day, if i have it off for more than 2 - 3 hours then the teeth have slips out of shape and it hurts to put the retainer back in. I have a fixed (metal wire) retainer put on twice as well but the force of the teeth pulling broke it off within 1 day which is why i use the plastic one. I was told they would have harded by now but still no better. Why would this be.??

    Also can i not have a plastic retainer as well as the fixed metal wire retainer? Can they not work together?

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    Hello I would look at getting a second opinion from a specialist orthodontist and asking for them to fit you with a fixed bonded retainer and ask why it was that your previous retainers failed. Retention is a very important part of any orthodontic treatment if you want your teeth to stay in place.

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