I had a (white) filling in a tooth (back molar) approximately 5 years ago. I had some pain after it and went back to the the dentist...he said it was fine, would settle down. It would occasionally become uncomfortable and for the next year I mentioned this to the dentist a few times. he said not to worry.

The last year I got an abcess under this tooth. I required two courses of antibiotics and then root canal work to it. After the work was done the dentist said it would be fine.

Now, a year later a part of the tooth at the top broke off. My dentist said he thought he could see a small fracture in the tooth. He said to wait two weeks then return. He was going to leave the sharp edge of the tooth until I pushed him and he put some kind of filler/rebuilder on the tooth. He said it should be crowned.

Two weeks later, he says yes the tooth is cracked and I should have it removed. The nearest appointment is 10 days away. The tooth/gum has become sore and painful over the last week and I can smell an unpleasant smell.

I feel very unhappy that extraction seems to be all he will offer, and I will also have to wait such a while, and that the infection hasn't been treated.

I've also read information lately that suggests to me that the final step of a root canal should have been to have the tooth crowned after, as it was then compromised and more open to fracture.... but I wasn't informed about this at the time. [It was mentioned as something 'I could possibly consider', not as essential]

what are my options now?