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    Default Bone manipulation for implant placement


    I'm in the proces of having an implant put in on one of my teeth, and after the tooth was removed the dentist decided to let the bone heal for 2 months (as I had major infection on the bone). I went for my check up this week, and healing was going well so he decided to put in the implant the following day (which was 2 days ago).

    Everything went well, and apart from some swelling and soreness the healing has started well. I was expecting him to drill into the bone during the surgery, but he used a method called tapping, which he explained is also called bone manipulation, the aim of which is to condense the bone.

    I have to say this was quite an interesting experience, something I didn't quite expect! At one point I could feel every bone in my head resonnate with the tapping! I was just wondering out of curiosity, how common is this type of bone manipulation, or condensation?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It is quite common. Of course it depends on the clinical situation, if the technique is going to be used.
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